Turrus - Locks with „Pull-fast blocking device“

Information for the competent advisor

The Bever-mortice lock „Turrus“ with its „Pull-fast blocking device“ is an essential safety element in the overall plan of the corridor door safe guarding. In addition to its other safety elements like the dead locking latch as well as the safety device against back-pushing of the bolt, the „Pull-fast blocking device„ is working especially against the wide-spread burglary procedure which uses the so-called „Pull-fast“- or „Screwdriver“-method.

The effect is based on 2 factors:

1. It hardly will be surmounted without considerable additional noise- and time expense and additional tools.
2. Because it’s not perceptible for the burglar from the outside, it will be a deterrend surprise element.

It's function is conceivably simple:

As soon as the profile cylinder is being pulled out of the lock, a special blocking element will still keep the bolt in its locking position. So that’s that for the burglar.

Finally here’s a bit of „safe guarding philosophy“:

A lock with highest safety ambitions is not an easy one to open. Not even for the specialist. Because of good reasons we won’t give any opening hints at this point. The maintenance man though has a couple of advantages over the burglar:

  • He is legitimated
  • He’s got plenty of time and he may be noisy
  • He’s got heavy tools and the neighbour’s electric fuse in reach - and
  • ...he can ask us...

Security lock prepared for profile cylinder „Turrus“, heavy, with special device against cylinder pulling, with key-operated latch, sheet steel 1,75mm, face plate stainless steel, with security device against back pushing of bolt, dead locking latch, with revolving pin in bolt against sawing, with secured rosette hole, with hardened screws in lock cover, with comprehensive info-booklet.

270 P, room- and corridor security door lock, for rebated doors, class 3, with extended steel bolt, latch and square cast iron, latch and bolt nickel-plated, double-throw deadbolt.

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