Bever Firmwengelände

Dear business friend,

this year our company is 200 years old. In this period of time we’ve had to overcome many obstacles: the mighty Napoleon, the liberation wars, the civil, the industrial and the proletarian revolution, the first, second and third Reich, the first and second world war, world-wide economic crisis, unemployment, inflation, currency reform, economic wonder, oil crisis, cold war, German Unity, terror attacks and financial crisis. We will also survive the current recession.

200 years – that means: from the stage-coach to the space shuttle, from the oil lamp to the laser beam, from the quill to e-mail, from the village blacksmith to the robot, from Goethe to Grass, from the minuet to Hip Hop.

Bever hasn’t become an industrial giant in all those years. This is not our aim. We want to improve our products and production methods continually, supplement our product range by adding attractive items and secure our future this way.

We’d like to thank all our business friends, partners and employees, who, with their diligence, reliability, and efficiency, made this special anniversary possible.

Hans-Dietrich Mohr

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Bever - Highlights


Security lock with special device…


Corridor door lock / anti-panic self-locking


Lock for tubular frames with latch locking device


with repair face plate


with sliding latch


mit lever latch

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